How to Discern Your Core Values

If you’re like most people, you don’t consciously think about values and its impact on your career. But it does.

Values motivate actions and determine goals. It gives you a sense of purpose whether you’re consciously or unconsciously aware of it.

I will be sharing three ways to discern your core values.

​If your current position in your workplace or the company doesn’t align with your values, it will definitely impact your career, would it not?

​One of my clients core values is ‘respect’. She now works for a company that values trust and respect. Prior to this role and prior to truly discovering what her core values were, she was very dissatisfied with her career.

As she uncovered who she truly was and what motivated her, she realized that a lot of her dissatisfaction came from the fact that she was working for an organization that didn’t align with her values.

If you’re misaligned, it will impact performance because you will not be tapping into your highest potential, right !!!

Another example that will allow you to discover the power of values is….. Say, you’re in a demanding job that requires you to work 50–60–70 hours a week and one of your values is family, you will be very unhappy, will you not? This will impact your life, would it not?

My core values are service, intimacy, prosperity and spirituality.

I base my business on these principles. If I am not in alignment, it shows up as frustration, anger, resentment.

In order to know your core values, you need to have a deeper understanding of yourself.

Three ways to discern your core values:

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Padma Ali, LMFT, CPCC

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