4 Tips to Overcome Uncomfortable Feelings

Why We Resist

4 Tips to Overcome Uncomfortable Feelings and Get Unstuck

  1. Look for the thought. Behind every feeling, there is a thought and behind every thought there is a story. So, what’s the story behind the emotion that you’re trying to avoid? When you can identify the thought, or the REASON for the feeling, you are much more equipped to deal with it.
  2. Observe. The second tip is observe. Be an observer of your thoughts, your actions and your life. When you’re silent and you can observe your thoughts and actions, so much will start to be revealed to you. Sit quietly and just observe without any judgement.
  3. Ask for guidance in stillness. Meditation / stillness of the mind is a favorite of mine. Sitting in silence allows you to be in touch with what’s really going on inside. I get so much information about my life through it just being with myself and asking for guidance from the universe.
  4. Breathe. Lastly, when you’re facing any uncomfortable feelings, don’t act, don’t react, just stop for a moment and focus on your breath. Breathing slowing and deeply slows down the brain. Once you are in a calmer place, you can then take aligned action.



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Padma Ali, LMFT, CPCC

Padma Ali, LMFT, CPCC


Master Coach for Evolved Executives. Love brain psychology & ancient wisdom. Podcaster. Live your highest potential. Open channel for divine inspiration. Mom.